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i am just another normal girl with words running and jumping in my head~ finding ways to be expressed in the most exact way of how i feel... but then again sometimes words are just words... so let them be meaningful with thousands memories that may be only me would understand... an artist at heart..an engineer in reality.. - you dont always get what you want~
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Cheap Comfortable Pj's

Sunday, February 15, 2009

this are all export quality pj's but been rejected for certain reasons... the material is cotton and promised to be very comfortable. these pj's mostly sized L - XL. The pants are longer(but the waist are ok!) than usual ok dears so u get more comfy in ur nighties!

Price: RM20
Size: L

Price: RM20
Size: L

Price: RM20
Size: L

Price: RM 20
Size: L

Price: RM20
Size: M(Body Hugging long sleeves shirt), L(pants)
Booked: Sarah

Price: RM20
Size: M(Body hugging long sleeves shirt), L(pants)

Price: RM20
Size: S(shirt) L(Pants)
Booked: Sarah

Price: RM15
Size: L(Body hugging shirt) M(pants)

Price: RM20
Size: M(Body hugging shirt) L(pants)

Just the Purrfect accessories...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hey all selendang peeps...we've got just the purrfect cute pin for u guys to complete your sweet look with all the selendang u huv...and this is basically how u guys will look like with a lil bit of glam and glitter.. just Purrfecttt!!!

and here are our selection of cute pins

Heart to Heart

Glam Heart

Sweet Apple

1 piece: RM8
1pair: RM15

(you can mix the design.. and besides that it have its own safety chain.. the chain can be taken out if you don't want it)

Pretty Flower

Star Dust



Ribbon Bow

1 piece: RM6
2 piece : RM10
( you can mix the designs girls!! these sets are smaller than the 1st three and it dont have safety chain..)

Hafsa Jumbo Sale!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

last Saturday dated 31st January, The Chicaaz open up a stall at the Hafsa Jumbo Sale :p!! we have Henna palm drawing, Second hand text books,tudung, baju kurung, jubah, kasut ( semua nie bukan laa semuanya hak milik peribadi.. ade gak yang kawan2 letak kat stall nie).. and yang nie semua yang preloved.. yang brand new plak- cute pjamas, tudung ekin, tudung selendang.. owhh yess and not forgetting our handmade beaded bookmark!! huhuhu
Alhamdulillah because nearly all of our stuff were sold on that day.. Most of our beaded bookmark were sold too... we were soo happy to actually set up a small stall... we love it!! enjoy it!! and we want to do it again next time!!

These are our new set of beaded bookmark




Charmed Beaded Bookmark

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

These are our first batch of handmade Charm Beaded Bookmark... Never taught that once we start doing this beaded bookmark is such an addiction... even during class time i cant stop thinking bout new design and to find out new things to use with to make new designs.. and this is the outcome.

cb01 sold

cb02 sold

cb03 sold

CB04 available

CB05 sold

CB06 available

CB07 sold

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